A-chan [Hololive]

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A-chan is … not actually a vtuber. She is a manager at Hololive. She is more like dai-manager. She was originally Tokino Sora’s personal manager who went onto to become the manager of managers at Hololive. It is weird that a manager has managed to get herself a vtuber avatar and has ended up doing similar vtuber activities. As far as I am aware, A-chan is the only manager who has become a vutber herself although there are subtle hints that Lui (from Hololive) may have been a manager prior.

Basic info

Debut?: 2017 September
Holollive?? : https://hololive.hololivepro.com/en/talents/friend-a/
Youtube???: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJFZiqLMntJufDCHc6bQixg

Personality and activities

She represents Hololive as an official mascot of some sort and will stream announcements and whatnot via live streams. She will also do occasional collaborations with other vtubers. She speaks and acts very business-like, seldomly allowing her personality to emerge.
Because she is not a technically a vtuber, there is no regular streams from her. She does, however, regularly stream Hololive news video where she reviews various events happening within Hololive. It’s probably important to note that she has her own 3D model and can appear in live 3D shows as a side character.

Fans of Hololive consider A-chan to be one of the talents. Given the wide range of her activities, you can’t blame them. She is probably one of the reasons why Hololive feels like a big family. When a manager like her joins in the circus, it’s hard not to think that way. She also offers a unique perspective since she is not a vtuber.

Back in early days, her English skill was non-existent. Fast forward 2023, she is able to communicate with members of EN and ID pretty decently, allowing her to collab with those from other branches. This propelled her popularity even further.

By the way, she’s married. While her age is unknown, she is presumed to be the same age as Tokino Sora since they were friends before Hololive took off.

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