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Shirayuki Reid used to belong to short-lived Vgaming (an agency). After it disbanded, he became an independent vtuber until he joined Neo-Porte which is a Japan-centric vtuber agency.
Basically, he started out as an indie -> Vgaming -> Indie -> Neo-Porte.

Basic info

Debut: 2018 August 24 (as an independent)

Personality and activities

He is primarily a FPS gamer. If you are a fan of Aki Rosenthal (of Hololive), you may have seen him from time to time since he appears often whenever Aki collabs with those outside of Hololive. His narration in streaming gives off a rather strong anime protagonist vibes. In fact, his voice does sound like a typical anime protagonist – This is vocally noted by some female vtubers, some of whom seem to really dig his anime protagonist voice. You could say that the dude is popular among ladies.

He got himself an updated live 2D avatar in 2021 before joining Neo-Porte. His old live 2D avatar was … really, really, MEH.

He is generally a chill gamer. I get a feeling that his collab partners, who are mostly females, are subtly hitting on him rather than the other way. It’s rather entertaining to see him getting hit on.

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As one of the oldest indie-like vtuber, he still keeps going on strong, drawing around 1,500 ~ 3,500 live viewers consistently. Given the fact that this is a male vtuber we are talking about, he is doing as good as Holostars who are given more resources in general. As mentioned above, he does seem pretty popular among ladies and frequently finds himself being the only male vtuber in otherwise all female collabs.

It’s probably important to note that he doesn’t seem to pull any tricks to pull new viewers in. It’s just him being himself and a bit of being an anime protagonist from time to time. He is also an intelligent gamer, quickly deducing enemy abilities from initial encounters. This ability of his was clearly on display in his Lethal company collab where he deduced that the blinded dog monster would react only to sound, not vision.

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