Tokino Sora [Hololive]

The first vtuber for Hololive.


It was 2017 when Tokino Sora made her debut. She was extremely shy and wasn’t quite sure what to do. It wasn’t on Youtube, and there were around 60 people watching her with 47 people being her friends and staff from Hololive, meaning realistically only 13 people were watching her. These 13 people would later be known as the 13 knights of the round table. Whether those 13 people would become her loyal viewers, I honestly have no idea.

Tokino Sora was the first “vtuber” idol from Hololive. She made her debut in 2017 when Hololive didn’t even exist yet. It was during the time vtubing had just been kicked off by Kizuna Ai. In her own words, she simply wanted to become an idol. Long story short, she became one eventually. She is a virtual idol but an idol nevertheless.

Basic info

Branch: Hololive JP Gen 0 (Daisenpai) (2017 debut)
Hololive page:


As the first vtuber for Hololive, she is the most idol-like (seiso) vtuber for Hololive, meaning she does not curse and swear as well as behaving very lady-like. Most importantly, she does not cause any controversies. This makes her perhaps boring in this regard. But, if you want a relaxing experience watching a vtuber, she could well become one of your favorites. Overall, she is extremely grounded.


She streams on a regular basis. It’s mostly gaming. It’s worthwhile to note that she cannot play FPS games due to getting motion sickness. She also does not like to play horror games but does play sometimes.
Now, in spite of being the oldest member of Hololive, she still manages to stream very regularly, at least three or four times a week. This is an important detail because some members have very irregular steaming schedules. (Gawr Gura for exmaple)

My personal comments

She is strictly average in everything which can be good and bad. I don’t feel she excels in any field but does not fail at anything, either. She is easy to watch, and her steams are good enough to be played in background.

Because she is the dai-senpai, she frequently finds it hard to get along with other members of Hololive because her kohais are very reluctant to pull pranks on her if at all. You can certainly see her sad reactions when no one is too casual with her.

Now, having said that, she is the only active member from the old guards; There are three including her. Kizuna Ai is no longer active, and another old guard vtuber (Siro the cyber girl, pictured above) draws around 200 to 1,500 live viewers on her steams. In comparison, Sora still manages 2,000 to 8,000 live viewers on her steams which is no easy feat but is on lower end for a Hololive member.
Thankfully, Hololive still supports her fully, giving her numerous hair styles as well as outfits for her avatar to play with. This helps her to stay relevant.

In the end, Tokino Sora has achieved her dream of becoming an idol.

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