Inugami Korone [Hololive]

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Korone is a legend at Hololive for interesting reasons. One, she is the only talent who didn’t go through an audition. When her friend, Nekomata Okayu, was accepted into Hololive, they casually asked her if she would recommend anyone. She immediately recommended Korone who was a very close friend. Long story short, Korone was accepted into Hololive without having to go through auditions.

Then she had an extremely disastrous debut stream only to go on to become one of the most successful talents of Hololive, rivaling Elite Miko.
Additionally, she is known to be very fit and can perform cartwheel and front flip during live 3D moments.

Finally, she was one of the first, if not the first, JP vtuber who tried to reach out English audiences by performing “English-only” streams. Her English is broken as fuck but also cute as hell.

Basic info

Debut: 2019 April (Hololive Gamers)

Activities and personality

As she belongs to “Gamers” group, she is a gamer first and foremost. She is also an endurance streamer as well who can go for 24-hour streams occasionally if a game interests her personally. She streams very frequently, almost daily unless she has an actual work to do for Hololive offscreen. She is a well-known gamer and has had sponsored gaming streams. She is also fond of Street Fighter 6.

Everything about her is extremely cute AF. Her laugh, her manner of speech, her voice – Everything about her is extremely cute. Essentially, she is an extremely attractive vtuber to listen to and look at. Coupled with her extremely positive attitude, it is really, really, hard to dislike anything about Korone.
Basically, she is a boiling pot of pure positivity. Just looking and listening to her stream of a boring game can be a blessing. She is born for this job. She never rages, never complains, and never swears.

Her average live viewer count is 8k ~ 50k. It’s important to note that she is able to hold tens of thousands of live viewer consistently for 12 hour streams as well, which is not an easy feat.

Personal comment

Korone is a truly unique vtuber in more ways than one. It’s interesting that she never considered joining Hololive when it feels like she was born for this job. And she does live up to the gamer tag; She plays obscure games no other talents play and will die laughing at smallest stuff. Seriously, she is adorable as fuck. She also gets scared really, really, easily and hates bugs of any form and shape.

She has also a unique accent that goes on and off, which she claims to have learned from living with her grandma. If you are not a Japanese speaker, you won’t notice it for a long time.

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