Yukoku Roberu [Holostars]

The winning son.


Roberu has a nickname, “The winning son”. Realistically, it’s more akin to being a loser. He is a member of HoloStars, a male version of Hololive talents.
His nickname began after he casually answered “yes” to an English comment “Are you winning?” Then the nickname got stuck. It took a while for Roberu to actually realize that he earned his nickname.

Another REALLY interesting coincidence is that his channel URL used to be “UCANDOlYTJT7N5jlRC3zfzVA”. In fact, you can still access his channel with the old URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCANDOlYTJT7N5jlRC3zfzVA
If you are missing the point, the URL has “U can do it” (UCANDOIYT)

Basic info

Debut: 2019 December (Holostars gen 2)
Hololive: https://holostars.hololivepro.com/en/talent/yukoku-roberu/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@YukokuRoberu

Personality and activities

His persona is like one of those anime character who tries very hard to get girls but fails spectacularly. He is “forever winning” in his perspective, but reality is … a bit different.

His activities are mainly gaming and superchat. He collaborates frequently with other female vtubers, namely Kagura Mea. He and Mea are a known vtuber couple (not in reality, just setting wise as vtubers). In general, he collaborates with a lot of female vtubers, presumably to bring in more viewers, which also reinforces his loser image of trying to get girls but not getting any. Either way, his most viewed videos are ones with Mea in it.

In Vtubing world, females are much more popular than males simply because there are more males watching than females although I am not sure how much of that holds true in 2023. I mean, men or not, everyone seems to be watching something on their phone. But it seems true that men are more likely to seek out women. Either way, you are rarely going to see a male vtuber having 10k live viewers. For our winning son, his average live viewer count is around 800 to 3,000 which is low but decent for a male vtuber.

Personal comment

When Yukoku Roberu is in his elements, which is when he is losing, the dude shines. His good comedic sense coupled with his equally comedic voice/tone means that he needs to collaborate to shine. I don’t watch his streams regularly but do try to watch his collab steams with girls because quite frankly the dude excels at collaborations with females.

Overall, he is one of more most successful members of Holostars.

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