Sakura “Elite” Miko [Hololive]

The most unhinged member of Hololive. Can be considered downright insane.


Sakura Miko was originally supposed to be a cute shrine maiden. She was supposed to act very lady and idol-like. Sadly, it wasn’t working out for her during which she considered quitting. As her last, desperate, attempt to save her vtube career, she decided to become …unhinged. And the rest is history.

She is the most unhinged member of Hololive. She swears and curses like no tomorrow during streams. She is often credited for shattering Yagoo’s dream. BTW, “Yagoo” is a nickname for the CEO of Hololive.

A really bad start

She was really, really, unpopular in 2018 when she made her debut. Her streams had barely over 100 live viewers. She confessed in one of her streams that she cried with Yagoo. She wanted to quit, but Yagoo kept her on.

Long story short, in 2023, she is one of the most popular vtubers in Hololive. Her streams frequently brings 10,000 to 100,000 (not a typo) live viewers. Aye, that’s 100k “live” viewers. It turns out that, when things look dire, you might as well come out of your own shell and curse at the world. It has worked out for Elite Miko.

Basic info

Branch: Hololive JP Gen 0 (2018 debut)
Youtube :
Hololive page:

Personality & Activities

Unhinged is probably the best way to describe her. Especially during collaborations, she will often go batshit berserk, screaming/shouting obscenities. She basically breaks free of the idol image and goes haywire. Of course, there are certain lines she will not cross, meaning she is in full control of herself as much as she sounds unhinged.

She streams almost daily. Her streams are gaming, karaoke, (real world) cooking, superchat reading. She has no restriction in what kind of game she plays. She is especially fond of GTA 5 because that was the game that made her popular. She also collabs frequently, especially with Suisei.


She is quite close to another fellow vtuber in Hololive, Hoshimachi Suisei. It’s been revealed that her parents scolded her for visiting Suisei’s real home too often. They’ve gone to host live concerts together as well. Her chemistry with Suisei means that it’s generally good to see them together doing projects.

My personal comment

In spite of her popularity, I don’t watch her streams often because she is a bit too loud. Ok, very loud. She screams a lot. There have been times where I could physically feel my eardrums being vibrated by her high-pitched screams. Basically, her steams are not ideal to be put in background and just listen while you are doing something.

I do watch her streams whenever she collaborates with Suisei however. The chemistry between them is unmatchable, and their collaboration streams are almost always hilarious.

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