Grand Blue Dreaming

Grand Blue Dreaming is a series I’ve come across as anime first. I laughed my arse off for pretty much the entirety of the series, eventually resulting some sort of facial spasms. I was hoping for season 2 but that … Continue reading Grand Blue Dreaming

GuP Anthology Saunders

There is nothing much to talk about this manga book. It is an anthology of Girls und Panzer, focused on specifically Saunders, Kay, Naomi, and Alisa. Alisa seems to receive the most screentime. There is no central plot to follow … Continue reading GuP Anthology Saunders

Goblin Slayer

Before I begin, I will mostly focus on manga instead of the anime adaptation. Goblin Slayer is a fairly odd manga. Put harem, hentai, guild anime in a blender and mix it all together, and you will have Goblin slayer. … Continue reading Goblin Slayer

Photography: Field trip

This is a photography project which I titled “Field trip”. The actual full title is “Field trip gone wrong”. The scene props are artificial glass patch x 2, 1/16 scale Panzer I Breda version, 1/16 scale Volks Maco, 1/16 scale … Continue reading Photography: Field trip