Kureiji Ollie [Hololive]

Crazy Ollie


Kureiji Ollie is a member of Hololive ID branch, so she is an Indonesian. The reason she is called “Kureiji (crazy)” is that she is a very outgoing woman. In her own words, her own parents considered sort of a nutcase because she was so outgoing. She was considered crazy in a conservative environment. She is indeed perhaps crazy. More on that soon.

Like Anya, she is trilingual, speaking English, Japanese, and Indonesian. Unlike Anya, however, she collabs with Holostars frequently. More on that soon also. This is all just kureiji.

Basic info

Debut: 2020 Dec 4 (Gen 2)
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@KureijiOllie
Hololive: https://hololive.hololivepro.com/en/talents/kureiji-ollie/

Personality and activities

She is one of very few Hololive members who collab frequently with Holostars (male vtubers). It is considered taboo for female vtubers to collab with males. It is a part of Japanese idol culture. But then Ollie is Kureiji. Either way, she seems to have a blast with Holostars and seems to get along really well with guys.

She dips her toe in a lot of activities, from casual gaming to intense FPS and even to ASMR drawing. I dare say she is a mix of Kaela (a hardcore gamer) and Kobo (a troll). She tends to act like a brat sister when collabing with Holostars.

Her artistic taste is a bit of a question mark, but she is Kureiji. So, that’s that, I suppose.


Honestly, I feel her live viewer count should be higher. It’s around 500 to 2,000 normally which is just about average for a member of Hololive ID branch. Perhaps her collabing with Holostar has taken a hit on her popularity. I really don’t get how it is taboo that a female vtuber streams with a male vtuber, but it seems that the sentiment is there.
And, unlike Anya who generally refuses to speak Indonesian, she frequently mixes Indonesian, English, and Japanese.

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