Okay, I said I’d do this again and here I am.

I introduced MF-02 Buney to you a while back. Now it’s Nene, MF-01. So, she was the first product in this line.

At the first glance, I smell a bit of trouble due to the amount of fine details on the picture. To make it worse, her wardrobe is a fluffy dress, a black one at that with red linings here and there.

Yon can also see (below) that there are two versions. A 1/20 version which I have right here, and another bigger version. And they haven’t really done a good job on the 1/20 scale one.

Fluffy dress is never easy to work with, especially when it comes to painting. In addition, the black base color means thin red paints will not work. You need very thick red paints to make the color stick. I know this from experience.
Thankfully, because of my past experience with dealing with black base color, I do have a thick red paint that will stick.

The packaging is simple but good enough.

I think it’s important to note that the manual is using a bigger scale finished figure as a color reference. I am not going to follow this 100% but very closely overall. It’s just not possible to do this sort of detail on a 1/20 figure.

Assembling the figure is easy though. If I exclude the time required for glue to stick, it took me only about half an hour to complete this. Now, it is entirely intentional that her arms have not been attached. It is due to her pose. She puts a hand on her waist which will make it harder to do fine detailing. Therefore, I’ve chosen to attach her arms much later, probably just before going ahead with varnish.

This is after some detailing. I am following the reference picture closely but not 100%. I am not actually using brushes here. I am using toothpicks for the red lines. I’ve found that those are ideal for fine lines on figurines. A thin brush works well only when it’s new, and a good thin brush is not cheap. A pack of 100 toothpick costs only few bucks.

Okay, done, but my varnish spray can acted up, forming a lot of bubbles. I tried to get rid of the bubbles but some have been left unattended.

Overall, not a bad looking figure that goes really well with 1/16 tanks. I do think I’ve found my GuP substitute here. In fact, Nene and Buney look better in tanks than actual GuP figures I have.

Yep, I am liking this figure even more after this photo shot above. She does really good here.

To be utterly honest, GuP figures are a bit too loli for my taste.

I am assigning Nene (left) to Kuromorimine, and Buney (right) to Pravda. This matters when I do photograph projects.

There are more, actually a lot more, in this product line, but a lot of them are not in my interest. But there are a few that seem military related like those two up there. I’ve been lucky enough to find these 01 and 02 in stock because it turns out that those are quite old.

01 Nene is from 2015. 02 Burney is from 2016.

Now, 03 is some loli girl which I am not interested. 04 is Lynn Minmay (!). I would have totally gotten her if I knew that. Its price is now too high, thanks to scalpers. The latest release is 52 in 2022 March. So, yeah, there are A LOT I’ve missed out.

Either way, you will see more from this product line, so until next time.

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