[Amie-Grand] Pepperoni Carpaccio

This one has got a short story.

You see, I’ve had my eyes on this kit for a while now. I wasn’t desperate to get it but, nevertheless, I wanted it. Alas, this kit has been out of stock for God know how long.

Amie-Grand is the maker and they list this kit on their shop albeit out of stock. I figured they’d restock it eventually.

Well, they haven’t.

Then one day, this kit in pristine condition showed up on Yahoo Japan auction site @ 12,000 yen which is the same price Amie-Grand asks for. So, why not. I put in a bid.

Anticlimactically, no other bid came in. Thus, I scored this @ 12,000 yen. Now, I would have preferred Bronze Circus kits but I haven’t seen it yet at all showing up on the market for the past 3 years. Basically, I don’t feel I have the chance to get it. So, this is the alternative.

The part count is out of the roof. Not going to be easy, this one. Parts aren’t too rough but it is Amie-Grand quality which is about average. I’d give 6/10 for resin quality.

Interestingly, the table legs are aluminum which is a surprise. I was pretty sure that everything would be resin although it does make sense that they’ve chosen metal for the legs. Thin and long resin parts have a very good tendency to bend over time.

Not quite sure what the purpose is but I notice that there is a marking on a skirt. “カル” (Karu) is written. I don’t believe this has a meaning. I don’t think it’s a name, either. Both skirts have “Karu” engraved.

From get-go, I’ve had some issues. The boots come in two parts. Assembling them proves to be a pain in the butt.

Eventually, to make the figures stand on its own, I end up inserting small pieces of resin into the foot and leg part to give the right angle. I’ve summed this up shortly but this progress took a while.

Carpaccio (Hina)’s real world height is 162cm. The figure height is 18.5cm. Making this too short for 1/8 scale but too tall for 1/9 scale. But it is closer to 1/9 then 1/8, so I am going to call it 1/9 scale.

There is one thing I do like about this kit. It is that their breasts have not been exaggerated although I am always positively surprised by how short their skirts are. All GuP characters wear what I’d call a micro skirt. It is brutally short.

The same applies here. Her skirt covers her underwear just barely.

Carpaccio complete. You can see the difference between a finished and an unfinished uniform between the two. What I’ve done is basically thin black paint and simply brush over. This is a new technique for me which I’ve yet to mater.

Sadly, I messed up. The same technique I used on Carpaccio didn’t quite work on Pepperoni. At least, I know why. I didn’t varnish Pepperoni before applying the technique. I know I should have but I was testing out and see if I could skip a step.

Nope, I cannot skip the step.

Now, this is not unfixable. The messup can be corrected to some degree but I am not going to do it. In my experience, trying to fix things with garage kits has always resulted it more fuckups, so I am going to leave Pepperoni as is.

Besides, it’s not as bad as it looks. Do remember that this is under very bright LED light. Under normal light, it’s not that bad.

Oh, well, until next time.

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