Platz GPSP-5 GuP Hippo team


The full title of this product on Amazon Japan is, “プラッツ ガールズ&パンツァー最終章 デフォルメIII号突撃砲F型 塗装済み完成品 + 1/35 カバさんチームフィギュア付 塗装済み完成品 GPSP-5”

It basically means PLatz GPSP-5 Girls und Panzer deformed stug tank with the Hippo team kit at 1/35 scale.

I’ve had this product on Amazon watch list for months. I wasn’t exactly planning to get it but, when I saw it half off, I figured why not. It was originally 3,700 yen. Half of that + shipping.

What I did not expect is that the stug tank is a deformed, AKA chibi, one. I was expecting Platz to have included a regular 1/35 scale one.

Upon reading its product description further, it seems I was mistaken. Not a huge deal though since a 1/35 scale stug is not that expensive, and the bigger reason to have purchased this is the hippo team members.

The stug tank has arrived all broken. It was loose in the box when I received it. Thankfully, the breaks are all minor and I was able to glue them back together. Regardless, the chibi tank is useless to me.

Speaking of the chibi tank, its build quality is alright. It’s painted well and feels firm in your hand. I will be keeping this for now but I really don’t see a need for this.

It is time to work on the figures which was the reason I bought this in the first place.

Assembling and painting 1/35 figures is never a fun affair. But, when you do enough times, you do get used to it.

In my book, the key to making 1/35 figures is simple. Don’t try to do the perfect job. The harder you try, the more likely that you will mess up. Just take it easy.

These figures will be looked at from a distance always, so minor details you try to replicate will be lost. So, yeah, just take it easy.
In the end, I think they turned out alright. Those may look meh from a close shot, but from a distance, they look perfectly fine.

The figures are for a diorama project which is some months away before I will even start it.

Until next time.

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      1. No worries, didn’t know if you were burnt out on 1/16 but figured I’d let you know (if you didn’t already) just in case you wanted to add another to your collection hah.

        1. Always up for more 1/16 scale tanks. It’s 1/35 scale I am often hesitant to pull triggers of. I’ve actually already ordered it after you let me know, but me being in Canada means it’s gonna take a while to get here.

          I also noticed that there is a new Panzer III 1/16 scale by the same company in few months. keeping my eyes on it as well.


          1. Yeah seems like they’re on a roll with the 1/16 kits, I’ve got that Panzer III on preorder myself but it’s looking like it won’t be out in the NA until about April. Hopefully you don’t have to wait to long on the Stug to arrive.

        2. There are two 1/16 tanks I’d really, really, like to build. One is Churchill tank. The other is Hetzer. Both do have 1/16 scale available, but one’s RC tank that costs over a thousand. The other is a resin kit which I’d rather avoid.

          I can see why German tanks seem to be favored over others tho.

          1. Oh man, a none RC Churchill would be great. That and a Sherman, a full model kit for both other than all the old/new RC ones, would be good a start on getting some different affordable kits out there besides all the German ones.