F.S.S. Ladios Sopp male ver 1/8 scale

Have I wasted more money?

In not so distant past, I wasted 400 CAD for a Ladios Sopp (female) kit that was a complete, utter, waste of god damn bullcrap.

This is a kit for a male version of Ladios Sopp. I won this kit at 21,000 yen which is a lesser damage than what I had paid for the female version. I did some homework this round and was pretty sure that it was in fact a 1/8 scale figure kit. Even then I wouldn’t be sure until I get my hands on the kit itself.

About Ladios Sopp (male)

Unlike the female version of Ladios Sopp, the male version of Ladios Sopp is a famous figure as a GTM engineer.
In case, you are not aware, Ladios Sopp is a different form of Amaterasu no Mikado. Ladios itself has two further variants, male and female.

He is a legendary figure who can repair GTMs at record speeds. This ability of his has actually changed tides of wars in volume 2 and 14 where superior GTM availability gave nations a very clear edge.

Sopp is able to repair GTMs so fast because he is able to communicate with GTMs directly. Basically, GTMs will tell him where it hurts, and Sopp will fix.

What takes ordinary engineers a week to figure out when a GTM has a complex issue, Sop locates the issue within a minute because he can ask a GTM what the issue is.

While it is a very powerful ability, Sopp doesn’t land his abilities to a nation for no apparent reason. If he is helping a nation or a side, there will be reasons to do so.

The kit

Released in 1987 by Volks, this marks the oldest garage kit I’ve managed to acquire. Before this, F.S.S. Allen Braford kit was the oldest kit which was released in 1994.

This kit is older by 7 years! In 2023, this kit is 35+ years old, meaning this kit could well be older than those who are reading this. I scored this at 21,500 yen. Thanks to weakening yen, I actually paid only 200 CAD for this. Under a normal exchange rate, I would have paid close to 250 CAD.

Anyway, I measured parts as soon as I opened it up, and it is indeed a 1/8 scale figure. Thank God.

For a kit that is 35 years old, I saw no oil leakage. I believe this means only one thing. Volks knew what they were doing even back then.

It was a really simple figure with a simple color scheme to boot. There wasn’t really much to do here.

The reason I took the picture with a terror mirage is that Sopp probably built the GTM since all AKD GTMs are designed by Sopp / Amaterasu. This also opens a door for me to acquire several GTMs, such as AKD LED mirage GTM as well as KoG (Knight of Gold).
KoG is probably out of my reach due to absence of Lachesis.

If you are lost, I do not collect GTMs unless I have character associated to it. I have Allen and Kyo, meaning I can and have gotten the terror mirage.

In other words, for me to get KoG, I need Sopp and his fatima, Lachesis.

And done. I didn’t skip much.

This figure was completed in just two hours. As said, there wasn’t much to do. I used Tamiya dark yellow on the main body. After that, I added slight weathering to his clothes with a white paint.

And that was pretty much it. Ladios Sopp (Male version) always had a simple color scheme with simple clothing. I did have a choice of giving a fancier shading to his clothes but opted against it actually.

This version of Sopp is a simple person. Thus, I retained the color scheme to be simple as well.

See you next Sunday.

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