PLAMAX MF-02 Burney

I didn’t mean to get this.

But it was cheap, and she looked cute. So, I figured why not.

This is a 1/20 figure and is a unique character. Burney is not featured in any stories or medium. She exists solely for this.

I’ve dealt with this product line before. In fact, Max Factory has quite a lineup for these sort of 1/20 scale figures that are very much alike Volks Charagumin series.

My experience with these come from their GuP 1/20 figure lineups and I’ve had good experience with these which is why I purchased this.

Things on the first glance seems simple enough, and it certainly is if you’ve done these sort of things before. The material is not resin. It’s just plastic, but plastic cement doesn’t work on it. The ideal glue for this is superglue.

Well, we are going full otaku here. And there appears to be two versions of the same model. One’s here, the 1/20 one. The other one’s much bigger, like 1/8 scale. I’ve yet to see the bigger version anywhere though.

Because parts are already colored, the procedure is simple. You treat this just like you’d do with any garage kit, but you omit the base coat part which saves a lot of time and potential headache.

If this was a bigger scale like 1/8, you’d paint each part separately and then assemble, but this is only a 1/20 scale. This figure is tiny although not painfully tiny as 1/35 scale figures.

It is a lot easier to work with, the 1/20 scale.

It took me less than an hour to almost fully assemble the figure. Now, if you aren’t willing to go all the way, you can stop here. You should really paint but you can certainly stop here. Final touches for this figure isn’t hard due to the fact that the base colors are already there. You need final touches simply.

This is what I’ve done.

I’ve loosely applied dark green on her green uniform to give a sense of shading. The base color and the green paint are obviously different. By painting it loosely, I am creating a wrinkled cloth texture.

Secondly, I’ve painted her hair in yellow, again loosely and put a tiny dip of salmon color on her lip.

Finally, I thinned black paint and loosely painted over her brown shirt while painting her googles with aluminum paint.

That is pretty much it. Obviously, you can do more and go further, but such efforts aren’t generally worth the time and efforts on a 1/20 figure.

Speaking of the scale, she goes really well with 1/16 tanks. In fact, the above shot looks pretty much spot on. This gives me new ideas really because I am currently running out of GuP content.

What I mean is that you can expect more of these random 1/20 figures from me in near future.

Well then, until next time.

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