Photography: Offering help

This is yet another photography project of mine. This scene involves, two patches of artificial glass, a 1/16 Heng Long T-34 RC, a 1/16 scale Hobby Boss Tiger I, 1/16 scale Medicom-toy Katyusha, Erika and Maho as well as Amie-Grand 1/16 scale Clara and Koume.

So, the scale is nicely unified at 1/16 scale.

The scene title is “offering help”.

The story behind the scene is like this.

Kuromorimine Tiger I broke down in middle of nowhere. Its track has separated. Pravda’s T-34 just happens to pass by and Katyusha offers help.

Given personalities, Erika is obviously not going to accept any assistance while Maho could consider if she feels that they are in a ditch. Koume couldn’t care less and the same goes for Clara.

Now, the original idea is to have frozen dirt field with some snow on it. It is because Tiger I was known to have issues with freezing dirt due to its complex wheel system.

However, while certainly possible, I had to consider possible damages done to my own models and decided to ditch the idea and went for simple & easy artificial glass patches.

That is all for this project. Until next time.

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  1. I noticed your T34 and Tiger 1 have decals for the exact schools shown…How did you get the school logo decals for both Pravda and Kuromorimine? can you explain in a video?

    1. There are a few ways. One way is just ebay it “girl panzer decal”. Takes a while to get there from China but you will get it.

      I’ve also been getting decals from various GuP related materials.