Photograph: Mako the cat

The scene setup is like this. Maho is driving back to Kuromorimine in a kubelwagen. She spots someone taking a nap on middle of the road, scoops her up and continues her journey back.

Back at the base, she warns Mako not to sleep on middle of the road.

In order to make this photograph reality, quite a bit of preparations were required. There are two tanks and two vehicles, all of which were built and painted by me.

Additionally, all the figures on the scene are garage kits.

Everything is nicely unified at 1/16 scale.

Now, the ground is my creation as well. I wanted an asphalt road. It’s easy to make one in small scale like 1/35. But things in 1/16 are fairly large. I did not wish to commit a lot of time into making the ground prop since it’d be likely used only once for this occasion.

So, I wanted to use a blackboard as a quick substitute. Upon searching for that on Amazon, I came across a blackboard paper which is used to stick to a wall and create an improvised blackboard.
I purchased a roll of blackboard paper and glued it to a wooden shelf. Then I drew a line with a chalk.

Now, it’s not perfect but I feel it’s adequate enough for this.

See you around.

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