Photography: Rosehip 3

Yet another Rosehip scene. Can you blame me though, the girl is hilarious.

This is the first time I use play-sand or “slimy sand”. The reason I use this instead of regular plain ol’ sand is due to cleanup. Sand, as some people claim, “gets in everywhere”. It’s hard to shape as well. I’d have to wet it and it just complicates things.

This slimy sand, though, acts like dry clay and is really easy to clean up as well as shape.

The story behind this scene is,

Rosehip gets to drive T-34 with Katyusha. T-34, by its spec, has a max speed of 33mph (53km/h). Rosehip being Rosehip, somehow gets it past 50mph (80km/h). That is over 40% increase in speed.

And, of course, a medium tank going that fast is going to flip on a curve because Rosehip wouldn’t slow down. The smoke is from engine as well as gears overheating.

Katyusha, you should have known better. Never let Rosehip drive.

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