Photograph: CHARGEEEE!

Totsugeki !!!

In Girls und Panzer, the school, Chi Ha Tan, is infamous for charging recklessly.

And, of course, I had to make a photograph project based on that. In this picture, you see Nishi Kinuyo charging toward a Tiger 1 in Type 94 tankette.

If you are not quite getting the picture, imagine driving a kid’s toy car into a lorry. That’s how absurd and reckless this is.

There is a different focus on the picture which is below.

I had to choose one. Since Nishi is the one charging, I felt it would be easier to photoshop if she was out of focus. Besides, the focus of the story is on Alisa.

Now, the below is the scene set up.

The Nishi figure is actually a 1/20 scale one. Everything else is in 1/16 scale. This scene works because Nishi is bit smaller than she should be, which gives a false sense of a distance. It is helped by a fact that type 94 tankette is a really, really, small, tank.

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