Photograph: Partners in crime

This scene is only possible because Alisa is known to cheat. The 155mm howitzer used in the scene cannot technically be used in Girls und Panzer universe, but she has shown to bring stuff that are forbidden.

The scene scenario is as following.
Alisa brings in a 155mm howitzer and is setting it up. Naomi is clearly against the idea. I mean it may work out if cheating is discreet but this is begging to get caught.

It appears that Kay had a part in it.

The tank in the scene is Stuart 1/16 scale tank. The gun is US M198 155mm howitzer 1/16 scale. The figures are Amie-Grand Saunders kit.

Nothing on the scene is extraordinarily rare. Costly but not rare. As for the brown mesh, it’s as below.

I had to throw this out after taking the picture because it was literally disintegrating as I was handling it. Pieces were breaking down and tiny particles were flying in the area. Basically, it was creating so much dust to be used indoors.

The whole dusty situation was made worse by bright LED lights that was set up for the scene.

I really wish there were other ways to create the sky. I’ve tried the green screen but couldn’t quite make it work. Probably the ideal way to do these sort of scene is filming it outside which is easier to be said than done because you need an entirely different set of equipment, not to mention that carrying these outside is a risk itself.

I wish I had a balcony. Well, until next time.

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