Natsuiro Matsuri [Hololive]

The most lewd vtuber of Hololive


Matsuri is a member of the 1st gen of Hololive. She is … pretty unique compared to the other vtubers of Hololive. There are a lot to talk about that. I will elaborate more down below.


Debut: 2018 June (Hololive 1st gen)

Personality and activities

Matsuri is … unique. First of all, she is openly very lewd. You can find her doing all sort of weird shit in her streams. For example, in her RUST streams, she sells her lewd voice pack to others, some of which are borderline porn. It’s not just the voice pack, either. If you dig around, she has done worse stuff. Now, I don’t have a problem with this at all. It’s just that she stands out compared to others in this department.

Secondly, she enjoys the company of men and is one of very few Hololive vtubers who actively collabs with Holostars very frequently. It’s not just Holostars, either. She collabs with a lot of different people outside Hololive/Stars.

Thirdly, her real identity is probably the worst kept secret. You can find her personal youtube channel easily. In fact, youtube algorithm will eventually show you her personal channel once it finds you that you are actively viewing her content. In fact, Matrusi has no problem with that because she’s got the look. Yes, she is pretty in real. She has even used her real voice when requested which is a bit lower. She confesses that she wants to be cute and is using a voice changer to make her voice higher pitched. In other words, she is not using a voice changer to conceal her identity. She just wants to sound cuter.

Now, on a different side, she collabs with a lot of indie vtubers to help promote their popularity. In fact, she has been doing some of their debuts on her channel, giving them a huge kickstart.

While Matsuri isn’t the only one doing this, she does this the most out of anyone in Hololive. As for her stream activities, she covers games of all kinds. She has also done ASMR.
Now because of her tendency to collab with Holostars and other guys, her live viewership count is probably one of the lowest in Hololive, ranging from 1,500 to around 3,500 which is definitely on a lower side for a JP member. It looks it is really considered taboo for Hololive vtubers to collab with males since Kureiji Ollie suffers from the same issue.

Either way, if you want the most realistically unhinged member of Hololive, Matsuri is the one you should watch.

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