Anya Melfissa [Hololive]

A-re? Areeeeee???


Anya Melfissa is a member of Hololive JP branch.
Wait…, oh, right, she is a member of Hololive EN branch.
No, wait…, ohhhh, right, she IS a member of Hololive ID branch. …. Is it?

She is a Hololive vtuber with a severe identity crisis in her hands because she is trilingual, speaking English, Indonesian, and Japanese very, very, fluently. Her Japanese has especially been praised to be above native level. Her language ability means she can collab with anyone within Hololive and she does exactly that, pushing her further into her little identity crisis.

Basic info

Debut: 2020 Dec (ID Gen 2)

Personality and activities

Her activities are almost entirely gaming, period. Nothing much to talk about really. To be honest, she doesn’t really have any standout points to talk about. Now, in spite of her very soft and meek appearance, she does have a bit of temper and will quit streaming if pissed enough. She curses a fair bit as well. She is also a competitive gamer and will not fool around. This is especially evident in coop games where she will find efficient ways to get things done. This means that she gets along well with Kaela, thus they collab frequently. As someone who can speak Japanese and English fluently, she is able to collab with anyone within Hololive but will not collab with Holostars (males).

Now, in spite of being a native Indonesian, you will rarely find her speaking her native language. Even during solo streams, she will speak either English or Japanese. Even when she collab with other ID members, she will rarely speak Indonesian.

Personal comment

Because of her reluctance to speak her native language, she started off very weak during her debut. Her audience is, therefore, mainly from overseas. This took her some time to build up her fanbase. In long term, it was a better decision for her because she along Kaela has become one of top streamers in Hololive ID branch. As of 2024, her average live viewer is somewhere between 1,500 to 4,000 which is well above average among ID members.

Personally, I do have a small issue with her deadfish eyes. Yes, her avatar eyes look … just dead, lifeless, and emotionless. Ironically, those eyes match her personality a fair bit. Perhaps, Hololive knows what they are doing after all.

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