Arurandeisu [Hololive]

Pizza Papa


Arurandeisu or Aruran is a male vtuber belonging to Holostars (of Hololive). Unlike most male vtubers who emit “pretty boy” or “bad boy” vibes, Aruan emits a different kind of vibe. He is a “papa”. And, due to the fact that his chat room is decorated with guns, a convertible, and a pizza chalk drawing on a wall, he has earned various nicknames such as “pizza papa”, “Italian mob”, – something along those lines.

Basic info

Debut: 2019 September (Holostars gen 1)

Old vs. New

Aruran’s old avatar was a really old geezer, who looked to be clearly well into his middle-age. That was how he earned the nickname “papa”. His new updated avatar looks so much younger that it’s almost impossible to consider them the same.

I say his avatar was “modernized”. Personally, I like his old avatar better because he has a unique vibe going there with his old avatar. He earned his modernized avatar in 2022.

Personality and activities

As one of generation one Holostar members, the guy has learned how to survive on his own. He collabs a lot with vtubers outside of Hololive since Hololive female members don’t generally collab with Holostars due to the idol culture where a female idol hanging out with a male of any shape is heavily frowned upon. This is a common trend among Holostars where they are forced to find collab partners outside of their parent company. In spite of his efforts, however, his liver viewer count is rather low with about 300 to 2,000 people although this is considered about the average for Holostars. His collab partners are not limited to just vtubers. He will collab with just about anyone who is willing.

He comes off as a relaxed dude who just streams whatever and whenever. He tends to take a leadership role whenever he is playing coop games which is one of the reasons why he is called “papa”.
His contents cover a very wide arrange of topics: He has done talkshows (like Roberu), basic Blender streams, games of all kinds, ASMR (why…?), and more.

Now, there is a reason to watch male vtubers who collab very frequently with female vtubers. It is that women often tend to act and behave differently when men are around. This is especially true for Japanese. This creates a rather interesting dynamic during collabs and can be entertaining on its own. For example, Kureiji Ollie becomes far more vocal during collaborations with males while others tend to become more formal and better-behaved.

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