Yagoo, the best girl [Hololive]

Yagoo, the best girl.


Yagoo’s real name is Motoaki Tanigo. He is the CEO of Cover corp. Basically, he is the boss of Hololive. He and A-Chan started Hololive, a vtuber agency with Tokino Sora as their spearhead figure.

It’s pretty surreal to see a CEO of a big company being treated like an idol himself. But there are reasons that fans of Hololive worship him the way they do. When other vtuber companies abandoned underperforming members at the first sign of troubles, Yagoo stuck with them, encouraging them to fight on. Sakura Miko and Hoshimachi Suisei would have quit being vtubers without his intervention.
Indeed, perhaps it would have been easier to throw away underperforming members and find new ones. In fact, this is what a certain vtuber compay does exactly.

It is Yagoo that made Hololive feel like a big family. Hololive fans know this, and therefore they worship him rightfully so.

Why “Yagoo” ?

It was a simple mistake by Subaru the duck. She mispronounced his name. Then the name stuck. Thus, Yagoo was born.

You can literally see Roboco in shock when Subaru spectacularly mispronounces her boss’ name and then goes ahead to correct her by whispering. Moments like this is what makes Hololive stand out above other vtuber agencies.

Yagoo’s dream or shattered dream

He originally claimed that he wished to create an idol company. With Tokino Sora as the founding member, his dream looked ever so bright.

Or so he thought.

Sakura Miko was the first one that began hammering Yagoo’s fragile dream. As more and more members joined Hololive, it turned out that a lot of them turned out to be rather … unhinged. Thus, the running gag is making fun of Yagoo’s ever fragile dream of creating an idol company where, in reality, it looks like Hololive is a bunch of unhinged comedians. Well, yes, very few are actually idol-like. I think I can count seiso ones with my one hand. Off the top of my head, Tokino Sora is one. I consider AZKi seiso also. Watame can probably be considered seiso and … And … um …

Guys, Hololive has more than 70 talents, and I can count only three as seiso ones. I think it’s safe to say that Yagoo’s dream is done for.
Now, jokes aside. Yagoo is revered by Hololive fans, me included.

You simply cannot ignore what he has done. The man shaped Hololive to be where they are now, a completely different kind of company where its employees treat each other like siblings. If you look at turnover rate of Hololive, you will find the number really low. Yagoo is the reason for that.

Thus, Hololive fans call Yagoo the best girl and treat him like one of the talents.

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