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Ninomae Ina’nis, or simply Ina, is a member of Hololive English. She is a bit unique in the fact that she was hired to do artworks for Hololive, meaning her vtubing is more like a side gig. She has produced a fair amount of official artworks for Hololive events. She has also drawn unofficial artworks for her fellow vtubers.

She is one of two Canadian-Korean vtubers in Hololive. Given her lack of fluency in Korean, it is assumed that she used her mother tongue only with her parents, and eventually her Korean language skill has deteriorated due to limited exposure. She also speaks Japanese fluently.


Debut: 2020 September (Hololive English gen 1)

Personality & Activities

Ina has an extremely laid-back personality as well as voice. She rarely raises her voice in fact. Her activities are live drawing sessions, gaming, and superchat. Since she is an artist, she tends to do live drawing sessions a lot, creating unofficial artworks for Hololive fans/vtubers to use.

Her streaming schedule can be irregular; She basically has on and off periods but she communicates well in advance if she is going to be inactive for a prolonged period. Everyone, well almost everyone, is pretty understanding of her rather erratic streaming schedule since they know that she has a job, that isn’t streaming, at Hololive.

Her live viewer count ranges from 3k to around 12k which sits on a higher end of spectrum.

Personal comment

You can consider almost all of her steaming video as ASMR materials. She is extremely laid back as mentioned above, making her videos very good to play in background. She causes no controversies in addition as expected from someone who’s laid back.
Therefore, she has a very strong niche following. It is actually quite rare to see someone who’s consistently so laid back, which is probably a sign that it is just who she is instead of putting on a fake persona as a vtuber.

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