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Ouro Kronii is a Hololive vtuber belonging to EN branch. Along with Ina, she is the second Canadian Korean with far better command of Korean, compared to Ina. She has recently passed her driver’s license test (as of 2023) which can be real PITA in Canada. I do know since I am a Canadian myself.

Her avatar is pretty unique. More on that at the bottom.

Basic info

Debut: 2021 August (Hololive EN gen 2)
Hololive: https://hololive.hololivepro.com/en/talents/ouro-kronii/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@OuroKronii

Personality and activities

Her vtuber persona is that she is “perfect” and displays narcissism. I am pretty sure that it’s all an act however. How do I know? I do have a family member with narcissism. She acts nothing like someone with real narcissism. That’s how I know.
She gives off an aura of sultriness with her mature voice and calm demeanor (until she gets scared, that is).

Her activities are mostly gaming with rather frequent superchat sessions. She does seem to enjoy casual chitchats. Her schedule is rather irregular, and she will have on and off moments. She will vanish for a few weeks and then will have a week full of live streams. She will also appear in collaborations pretty often while not providing her POV streams.

Her live viewer count is somewhere between 3k to 8k, which sits in the middle among EN members.

Personal comments

Kronii is probably one of the few who gets sexualized quite frequently. It is in part due to the fact that her avatar is fairly unique. Almost all Hololive vtuber avatar has their groin censored. She is the only exception where you can see her groin fully exposed due to how her avatar was designed. Coupled with her huge assets, one can easily see why she gets sexualized pretty often.
Additionally, her persona is that of an older woman which justifies the sexualization even further. Kronii herself seems to have no issue with this trend and will troll her fans with occasional fan services.

She is best known for going absolutely bonkers when scared. She will scream “GAWK! GAWK GAAAAAWWWWWK! nonstop and will lose herself. However, as soon as she composes herself, she takes a 90-degree turn and will become calm at once and will even declare that she doesn’t get scared.
Overall, she is somewhat of an oddball and a welcome addition to otherwise perfectly behaving vtubers.

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