Hoshimach Suisei [Hololive]

A diamond in the rough to be discovered. Then discovered.


Hololive has five Gen 0 members. Out of five, three of had them brutal starts. Tokino Sora, as the first pioneer had a hard start. Sakura Miko had a hard start because she failed to discover her identity initially. Suisei was the opposite of Miko. She had a clear idea of what kind of character she was going to be. However, the chance to shine wasn’t given. She was denied repeatedly by Vtuber agencies until she begged Hololive to give her another chance. Yes, she was initially rejected by Hololive. In fact, in her own words, she was rejected by all Vtuber agencies back in 2018.

Suisei is a bit different from other general Vtubers of Hololive. She was initially hired as an idol singer. In fact, when Hololive hired her, she wasn’t even in Vtuber branch. She was placed in music branch of Hololive. Her job was to sing, and it shows; She is clearly a better singer than other vtubers in Hololive.

Basic info

Branch: Hololive JP Gen 0 (2018 debut)
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5CwaMl1eIgY8h02uZw7u8A
Hololive: https://hololive.hololivepro.com/en/talents/hoshimachi-suisei/

Personality and activities

She isn’t very active stream wise. She streams once or twice a week. It’s either gaming or superchat. Because she is a professional singer, she has to take care of her throat which prevents her from doing karaoke streams. But she does sometimes do karaoke streams to celebrate some milestones. She gets around 8,000 to 20,000 live viewers. However, it is important to note that she does a lot of off-internet activities. After all, she IS a singer. She goes around to perform on live stages. Therefore, it is not fair to grade her by her Youtube stream activities. Essentially, unlike most other vtubuers, her income is not entirely depended on her internet streams.

She is quite indifferent in what she does, offering absolutely no fanservice whatsoever and just plays whatever game is in front of her. The only time she opens up more is when she is collaborating with Miko. She loves to place a small carton of apple juice in front of her avatar.

The other side of her personality is …, well. She is a psychopath, known as “Suichopath”. During survival game collaborations, her psychopath personality frequently emerges, mercilessly killing fellow players while saying, “Sorry, love you.”

When she turns into a psychopath, her voice changes as well, turning into an emotionless killer who speaks sweet words of death. It’s quite unsettling.

In the end, she is not a typical vtuber. Think her as a virtual singer who does vtubing as a side gig.

My personal comment

Suisei is my oshi. Her song, Steller Steller, blew my mind when I listened to it for the first time. All vtubers in Hololive can sing to a certain degree, but her singing is way above others. Besides, the lyrics of Steller Steller was a story of her early days as a vtuber which was dark and gloomy.

She was initially completely overshadowed by a fellow vtuber AZKi. She was ignored for over a year before expressing her desire to quit to A-chan who brought her back to the main branch of Hololive. It was only then she started to shine. Ironically, AZKi who was given so much attention initially as a lead singer of a music branch of Hololive ended up being overshadowed by time. She was eventually transferred back to the main branch and was designated as a member of Gen 0 like Suisei.

AZKi and Suisei tell tales of two people under very different circumstances. The former was given large budget to perform. The latter was completely ignored. Suisei still calls herself, “The diamond in the rough.” In one of her very old streams, she sobs about being ignored and being unable to release albums due to the lack of funding. She was unable to get anything done even after pouring her own money into projects. She kept on missing promised deadlines which must have taken heavy tolls in her mind. But she endured the hardship.

Now in 2023, AZKi and Suisei are reversed in where they stand. AZKI has more or less withered. Thankfully, Hololive still supports her fully, which makes her keep going on, but she is in clear decline. In stark contrast, Suisei keeps on growing, releasing albums, performing live concerts, and featuring in games as a special character.

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