MaCase K248L 2U GPU chassis

This is a 2U case specifically designed to house a full consumer grade GPU.

I have mentioned this chassis during my Chenbro RM24100-L review. I wasn’t going to get this, but Chenbro RM24100-L has some flaws which this K238L has overcome.

This 2U chassis has been built specifically to house a full GPU. Its layout is pretty much the most optimal way to house a full GPU in a 2U space.

It features three 80mm fans right on front and those fans will direct a good amount of airflow right through a whole motherboard, including GPU.

Its placement of PSU is very optimal as well. It sits where it won’t hamper any air flow going to GPU. It is basically out of the way completely as long as you use a SFX PSU. If you do use a regular ATX PSU, one of the fans will be blocked.

Perhaps, the most important feature is the ability to screw down a GPU. This feature is one of the main factors for me to have purchased this chassis. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but this is a very crucial feature. Without this, horizontally-installed GPU will always sag.


I know how unimpressive 4060ti is. But, if the price is about the same and it was in Canada, I will go for 4060ti over 3060ti anyway simply due to much lower power consumption. I was hesitant to go with 3060ti due to its 200w TDP. 4060ti is rated for about 160w TDP, so I went for it because I was fairly confident that this chassis would be able to handle the heat. Otherwise, I would have waited for 4060 non-ti.

My reason for sticking with Nvidia is CUDA cores. While I don’t game much, I need the CUDA cores for productivity.

You can see why this chassis has been specifically designed to house a full GPU. The mesh grill is right there to help with air flow for a GPU.

I played Cyberpunk for about 2 hours and above was the result. It didn’t crush, and everything ran fine. My CPU was also able to turbo further. Back in the Chenbro chassis, it was able to push up to 4.8ghz. The new limit is now 5.1ghz.

Overall, this chassis is objectively superior.


MaCase K248L is the best 2U chassis to house a consumer-grade GPU. I do not think you can use a GPU like 4090 or 7900XT. I feel this chassis should be able to take up to about 250w TDP GPU.

My CPU was able to push for higher clocks compared to RM24100 which is a clear indication that air flow is superior. Its optimal layout helps also.

This chassis is available on Alibaba for 50 USD + 100 USD shipping. You can also find the same product on Aliexpress but at a much higher price.

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