[Volks] Reizei Mako 1/16 scale garage kit

Volks is one of few Japanese companies that manufacture garage kits professionally, meaning their products are not as hard to get compared to other garage kits out there.

You can visit their website for more info.

Their garage kits come in colored as well, meaning you don’t really need to do much work other than assembling, eye decals, and doing finishing touches.

In this case though, the fishing touches is a lot harder than it sounds because of the uniform she is in.

This is Reizei Mako 1/16 scale figure. Reizei is from Girls und Panzer and this is the her only 1/16 scale kit, so I pretty much did not have a choice.

Assembling the kit starts off easy enough. The parts are separated already. You just need to trim off the mold injection point.

Her torso needs some paint though.

This is where things get tricky. It’s due to how her uniform is designed. I am required to paint a tiny line of green along a thin line on top. The line is like 0.1mm. It is virtually impossible to draw a clean line. I’ve gone through this before with Volks Yukari 1/16 scale kit.

It’s virtually impossible. Therefore, I am not even going to try hard this time. Instead of fanatically trying to draw a tiny, tiny, line, I just draw a line crudely. Thankfully, the line is guided by a tiny gap, so paint gets in there. Once a line is drawn, I wipe the paint off, leaving residue of green paint in the gap.

This doesn’t come off quite clean though, so I painted white to conceal any left over green paint. I really wish there was a better way but this has come off better than my last attempt.

And here you go. I haven’t painted her shoes but that’s an easy one. Her book isn’t done, either, but I decided against the red color and am re-doing it.

Just to clarify, the figure in the tank is a pre-painted model from Medicom Toy. Google Medicom toy No.380 and you will find her cheap. They’ve got a whole bunch of 1/16 scale figures from Girls und Panzer but they haven’t got all and that’s why I am doing these garage kits.

Yukari there is an Overdard garage kit. Clara is Amie-Grand garage kit.

Which, to be honest, has come out the best among a dozen of garage kits I’ve done.

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