Meng WWT-001 German Heavy Tank Tiger I

Chibi German Tiger 1

I said I’d cover more after dealing with Meng WWT-004 KV2. Here I am.

This is WWT-001 German Tiger 1.

Since I worked on KV-2 last time, I felt it’s only natural that I work on Tiger 1. I don’t have much to add on top of what has been said on my last entry from KV-2 build.

The assembly is oversimplified. Everything fits nicely. No complaints although the top half of chassis has a bent part.

Not a huge defect nevertheless. Overall, this is an easy assembly where everything clicks into each other. It is time to weather and paint. I’ve explained my own weathering method a lot of times now. It’s basically spraying pigment powder over the plastic chassis.

And this is pretty much it. These chibi tanks are pretty nice to work on. Some of previous tank builds, especially 1/16 scale ones, stressed me out due to its high cost and mountains of works. High cost meant me being less adventurous since I would have not wanted to mess an expensive kit. Some 1/16 kits had a TON of works to do as well.

These chibi tanks are a break from that trend. These are cheap; they cost like 30 CAD each. They are easy to build and quick to paint. The end result isn’t so bad, either.

Well, until next time.

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