Nishizumi Maho + Miho 1/24 scale

I found this garage kit while browsing Mercari Japan. It has been emerging as a decent auction site for some time. Normally, Japanese auction sites are really old-fashioned with lots of unnecessary texts. Mercari is a modernized auction site.

The whole thing comes in a modest package. In fact, it’s so barebone that I couldn’t figure out the circle name. Regardless, the package is adequate, and its resin quality is fairly good.

FYI, this kit cost me 5,000 yen. Add shipping and customs max, I am looking at almost 90 CAD for this tiny package.

This is a 1/24 scale kit which, by itself, is rather awkward. Why not 1/16? Most of tanks are made in either 1/16 or 1/35. I really don’t understand the logic of choosing 1/24 scale.

Tamiya has some tanks in 1/24 scale though. Perhaps, that’s why but their kits are always more expensive than others.

The kit has some arm options but I am going to stick to what the photo displays. It also has an interesting way to do the bucket.

It does not include the fishing poles shown on the photo but I managed to make one. Again, more on that later.

Because the resin is skin-colored already, I am skipping out skin paint. There is also no need for any airbrushing. The parts are small enough that manual brushing will do the job fine.

These are clearly bigger than 1/35 scale figures and are far easier to work with.

Now, about the bucket. The whole bucket is a translucent plastic piece. All you need to do is paint metal paint over it. This creates a fairly good imitation of water being in the bucket.

I simply filled the top with my blue goo just to be safer.

As for the fishing pole, I simply took a bamboo stick and made a small cut on its end and literally peeled a piece off.

I’ve successfully managed to do this on the first attempt. It is even curved! A double bonus. A job well done, I’d say.

Even the length fits in perfectly, wow. The bucket has come out nicely as well. The end result is pretty good in my book, especially for 1/24 scale figures.

The Panzer I tank behind them is 1/16 scale. The figures are 1/24 scale.

But because of a fact that they are supposed to be kids, I believe the overall scale fits okay.

Even when I place 1/16 scale figures of them, they don’t look out of the place too much. In fact, they fit in quite well.

In conclusion, I am pretty happy with these. I had no expectations because of its scale but they’ve turned out quite alright.
I could make a diorama out of those two even. That would require me to build a new Panzer I tank though since the one featured in the pictures belongs to my GuP Kuromorimine collection.

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