[Murasame] Chibi Anchovy with CV33 garage kit

This is a garage kit by a person who goes by “Murasame”. It is not a circle. He apparently uses a middle man to sell his crafts at various events. All of his works are chibi characters and this was no exception.

Notably, he has created chibi characters of Mika, Aki, Mikko, and Anchovy, Pepperoni, Carpaccio, and Shizuka (from Ribbon warrior).

Now, personally I do not like chibi characters and I do not bother with those generally. However, in this case, I wasn’t interested in chibi Anchovy. I was interested in the CV33 tank.

Information on this kit is scarce, very scarce. Therefore, I didn’t really have a choice but to gamble based on limited info I had.

This is a non-scale kit, but Mandrake kindly displays its box size. The box size of this kit is 14cm by 13cm. At this point, I had to gamble that the CV33 in there would be at least 12cm in length which would make it a loose 1/25 scale CV33. The bigger the better for me as I am hoping to be able to place a 1/16 scale Anchovy in it. I would even take 10cm.

So, I spent 6,000 + 3200 (DHL) yen + 25CAD (Tax/import fee) for this gamble.

How does it go?

Well –

Crap. Its length turns out to be 7cm which is even smaller than regular 1/35 scale (8.5cm). Money gone down the drain. Sigh. Well, I sometimes gamble when buying garage kits because information I have is never 100% accurate. Abooout, 7 out of 10, I win. Not this time though.

Feeling fairly disappointed, I figured I’d at least assemble and paint the whole thing.

However, quality of resin parts are just too poor with air bubbles seen frequently. The chibified CV33 is okay but I have no need for it, and chibi Anchovy is just too poor quality for me to bother.

Therefore, I decide not to work on it. I may work on it in the future but, for the time being, I am going to store it.

P.S. This entry was supposed to be posted in late May but continued to get postponed.

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