[Bronze Circus] Katyusha 1/9 scale

This is a 1/9 scale Katyusha by Bronze Circus.

This kit is somewhat unique from other Bronze Circus kits I’ve worked with. You see, parts come colored. This is similar to Volks CharaGumin series kits except that the quality of this kit is worse by a fair bit.

At least, the colored parts should make my job easier.

There are no eyebrows on the decal which is fine since they can’t be seen and I can draw them if required.

Now, this is another item I acquired from Suruga-ya I mentioned on Sawa Azusa kit. I scored this at 5,800 yen which isn’t a bad price.

This kit has an interesting way to attach legs onto the body. I am not quite sure the true purpose of this set up, but it’s a pretty good idea. Very minimal glue is required to secure her lower torso onto the body part.

I am also not painting her skin since I feel the resin color is adequate enough. It is a little pale but it will be better than using the same skin color paint.

Well, that is quick. Yes, it doesn’t take long to complete this. Since I am not painting skin and parts came colored, I simply airbrush boots and the helmet in black. Let them dry. And airbrush the body and hair. Let them dry.

Glue boots onto her legs, assemble head, and apply a bit of weathering on her uniform. Finally attach her head.

Sounds like a lot but not really.

I now just need Nonna to complete the basic crew collection. I say basic because I’ve seen garage kits for other Pravda characters. They seem really rare but they have showed up on auction sites before. I’d know since I missed out on one kit because I was asleep when some jackass outbid me.

Oh, well, until next time.

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