Platz GuP Rabbit team kit

This is a part of a diorama project. GuP Kettenkrad theater edition is another part of the project.

This is the whole team of GuP Rabbit team. There are six members to this team, all in painful 1/35 scale to work with. Ugh.

The price for this kit is surprisingly high. It cost me 6,500 yen which translates to about 80 CAD. Add in tax + shipping, I paid over 100 CAD for this. But then there are six figures inside along with very good quality decals.

I do 1/35 stuff mainly for diorama projects and this is no exception to that. Thankfully, I won’t paint their skin color since the color of resin parts can pass as skin.

This bit is important because skin is often the most delicate part. If you can skip out skin painting part, working with 1/35 figures gets a lot easier and less stressful.

It looks like one of parts is defective. It’s not a huge deal though. I could repair it with model paste but have chosen not to. I will leave as it and see how it goes in the end.

I say this because of its size. It’s a tiny figure, and given a right placement, you may not even notice this defect after painted. We will see soon.

One thing I have learned from making 1/35 figures is that you need to often use substitute medium when connecting parts with barely any contact such as arms in this case. Superglue doesn’t do the job properly when contact surface is literally a dot.

I am using the blue stuff you see up there as the medium where I use it to stick small parts and brush superglue over it. This method works pretty good.

So, here they are. Done, well almost. It looks like some more final touches are required. I couldn’t see them under normal light but it looks like one of them needs her hair repainted. Another needs her long sock repainted as well. Such will be done in due time.

Also, the faulty part barely seems noticeable. I notice it only when I am specifically looking for it. So, I believe it’s all good.

Again, this is a part of a diorama project, so these will reappear in another blog post. With this done, most of parts are ready for a final showdown.

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