GuP diorama project: Jatkosota remake

I’ve decided to remake my GuP Jatkosota diorama. The main reason for this is that I am not pleased with how the ground has been done. I mean, it is basically a simple grass field, nothing else.

Another reason for the remake attempt is the size. The base is too large for what are on there. I’ve decided to basically shrink it as much as possible in order to save some place while improving the ground.

Other than the ground, nothing else will really be modified.

But I will pay extra attention on the ground this time. One element I will add, for sure, is tank tracks on ground. You see, a tank is a heavy thing. When its tracks roll around on soft grass ground, they tend to dig grass up, leaving clear tracks.

That is what I am going to replicate. Another element is that I am going to make a proper camp site this round. You generally do not start a camp fire on a plain grass ground.

The large square area is for the tent. The two long lines are tank tracks. The circle area is for the camp fire. The reason I am using paste on the spots are to create uneven ground.

The ground for the original diorama was just too perfectly flat. Realistically, that almost never happens in wilderness.

I am also drilling two diorama trees into the wooden base. I say drill because the trees have no firm base to glue them onto, so drilling is the quickest and easiest way to ensure that the trees are firmly secured.

I am also unevening the base further with more model paste. Once that is done, I am using masking tape to cover areas where it shouldn’t be coated with grass element.

If you are wondering how I’ve created above grass, it is strikingly simple and easy. Just google WWS grass and you will see plenty of videos as well as their products.

WWS (War World Scenics) is a UK company that specializes in this sort of things. You can also find Chinese knockoffs on Ebay as well. Or you can try to find a local company near you. How it works may sound like snake oil to new comers, but it does work.

Once you do a few instances, you get the hang of it, and it becomes easier as you get more experienced. The above result is a simple 5 minute task.

Once glue settles in, the only thing left to do is place back BT-42, the tent, campfire, and the figures. They are not glued on.

I do like the new ground much more than the original one. It is no longer even ground, and neither is the grass itself. The tank tracks are also there, not to mention the tent is also sitting on a bare ground for further realism.

So, there you have it, Jatkosota diorama remake. The overall time I spent on this is about 2 hours. However, if I include waiting time (waiting for glue, paste, etc to dry/settle), the total time spent on this is about 3 days.

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