Photograph: Tankathlon

Originally, I was hoping to add Ooarai and Saunders tanks but it turns out that three tanks are the maximum I could fit in this photo.

The scene setup is simple. They are having a tankathlon match. Rosehip is supposed to partake as well but you can tell what happened from Darjeeling’s comment.

There are three tanks present in the scene.
The tank in middle is FT-17 from BC Freedom. The one on left is T3 Christie tank. The one on right is Panzer I. Everything on the scene is united at 1/16 scale with an exception of Ami Chono whose scale is loosely 1/19.

I am using three background props.

A large picture for the sky. Playsand to fill gaps in photo shots. Finally, an asphalt road substitute board I’ve created for a previous photograph project.
As mentioned, if I could have, I would have placed two extra tanks in Stuart tank (Saunders) and another Panzer I (Ooarai).

There isn’t just enough space to put those two. I had to choose who goes in the scene.

Oh, well, until next time.

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