Kettenkrad Girls’ last tour edition

This kit is virtually identical to GuP Ketternkard edition I’ve worked on before.

This will be the second ketternkard I am going to build. I don’t have fond memories about building it because of painfully tiny tracks that need to be assembled one by one. Therefore, I would have liked rubber tracks. At the same time, having already built one before, I know its wheel shafts are just too weak to hold up with rubber tracks.

The wheel shafts are tiny little pins. They will simply snap.

On the box, it says Platz-001 which probably means this was the first product they’ve produced? Hard to believe but that’s what it says on the box.

You can source this easily on Amazon Japan. It should cost around 4,000 yen.

Above is what I have after working on for just an hour or so. Again, this is not the first time I’ve worked on a kettenkard, and this is a simple model. I was able to ignore the manual and just follow my memories which saves time.

But assembling a pair of tracks have taken me about 4 hours, and it gave me neck pain and sore eyes.

Once the kettenkard is done, I move onto the figures and minor accessories. That bag you see up there is Platz exclusive parts. They are basically resin figurine parts along with some minor parts to the kettenkard that is exclusive to Girls’ last tour.

Do note that you have to use superglue or regular glue from here on. Plastic cement does not work on resin parts.

This is right before I go on priming the kettenkard. I’ve also done basic paint works on the figures.

I am going to prime in in black and then airbrush with Tamiya dark yellow. And then I am going to use pigments (black & brown) to weather the kettenkard. The figures will also be weathered. After all, the girls go through a lot of ordeals.

Oh, and the decals.

It has come out alright. I don’t weather GuP related tanks and units, so weathering isn’t something I do often. It took me a while to get the hang of weathering but I am getting there.
FYI, I am using pigments to weather. I am not mixing the pigments with anything, just the powder itself.

Now, it is crying for a diorama set up. It deserves to be within a diorama setup. I’ve never done a post apocalyptic diorama, so it will be interesting how I will proceed with this.

But that will have its own entry, so until next time.

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