F.S.S. Ladios Sopp female ver 1/8 scale

This one went way over my budget.

When I saw this garage kit on Yahoo auction, I knew I had to bid for it. I’ve seen Sopp garage kits before, but that has been only 1/15 scale and has been an adult male Sopp version.

What I was about to bid was an adolescent female version of Sopp in 1/8 scale by Kaiyodo. The box looked battered, and a piece (an insignificant piece though) was missing. Regardless, I immediately knew it was a rare kit.

Another issue was the time the auction would end. It would end 7am in my local time which was 8pm for Japan. That put me on a disadvantage already. I basically had to put in a mega bid and hope for the best.

My maximum budget for a garage kit is about 20,000yen (200CAD). But I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be enough. So…, I put in a mega bid of 25,000yen, then changed the bid to 30,000yen after a while later and went to bed.

Lo and behold, I won it at exactly 30,000yen.

Was it worth it? Probably not. With customs fee and all, I spent 400 CAD for this kit.

Ladios Sopp about itself

Ladios Sopp is an alias for Amaterasu no Mikado who is the emperor of A.K.D. A.K.D. stands for Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes. Basically, it is a main character. It does not have a gender and is not even a human being.

Adult Sopp tends to appear as a male and as a meister. He even appears as a married guy with Lachesis as his wife in volume 14.

Meanwhile, young Sopp tends to appear as a female, usually as a lone traveler. The female version has bright long straight blond hair with a bandana of some sort. She features a really petite figure with quite short height, around 160cm I reckon.

Basically, this female version of Sopp is quite attractive.

The name “Ladios Sopp” is a name given by its vessel mother. I say “a vessel mother” because she gave birth to an entity without a partner. Basically, it is explained that its mother had an asexual reproduction. That is the scientific explanation given by the story.

In reality though, nobody really knows what it is.

Anyway, Sopp is more like an arch character who doesn’t die and appears from time to time regardless timeline. It appears sometimes as a comic relief, sometimes to drop a plot bomb, sometimes for no apparent reason.
This version of Sopp is bright, cheerful, and sarcastic.

This is precisely why I spent so much to acquire this kit. Without Sopp, there is no F.S.S. In a sense, Sopp is more important than Amaterasu no Mikado.

The kit

I have no idea what year this kit is from. I assume it is from 1990-ish. While it is by Kaiyodo, there is no mention of Toys Press.

Toys Press version of Sopp is an adult male version as far as I am aware. This is apparently Kaiyodo’s own version which I wasn’t even aware it existed.

The seller indicated clearly that piece #8 is missing. It’s not a big deal because it looks like I can easily substitute it with something else. It’s just a small piece.

I really don’t like how legs and arms are cut in middle. This means a lot of work ahead.

It’s also worthwhile to mention that I don’t believe this is a 1/8 scale figure. The legs are really, really, long. Additionally, the face looks seriously off. The face doesn’t look like the Sopp I’ve seen.

As for coloring, the official color scheme is as above. Quite simple. Will I follow that color scheme? Mostly I will.

Her one piece dress will be white and so will her bandana. Her bowtie will be red. Hair will be bright blond.

The hard and time-consuming part will be joining the legs and arms. It’s easier to be said than done because they aren’t quite tight fits. What I am doing here is –

One, attach them anyway.

Two, fill gaps with paste. Then sand off to make them fit and smooth.

The legs are the easy part. The arms are tricky because one of her hands goes onto her waist, meaning I cannot glue one of her arms because that specific arm will be the last to attach once painting is done. This is because her hand touches her waist.

Well, what the duck is this? She looks nothing at all like Sopp. What the duck.

Ugh, a, anyway, as for the arm joint, I’ve decided that I simply want to cover it up with a piece of cloth because I don’t want this figure at all.

You know what – I don’t want to describe my progress here at this point.
This is a fucking waste of 400 CAD. The sculpting isn’t good enough; she looks NOTHING like Sopp. The scale is WAY off. This is a 1/6 scale figure. Why in the world was it described as a 1/8 scale?

To make it worse, the resin parts are cut oddly which makes the job harder.

Duck me. What a complete waste of almost half a grand. I am royally pissed because I gave up bidding on Mel Rince kit over this piece of utter bullcrap.


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