F.S.S. Kyo 1/8 scale

Kyo is here.

A bit of a story

Kyo is Allen Braford’s fatima. She is a Dr. Ballanche’s 17th master creation. It basically means she is one of the best fatimas out there.

How she has come to serve Allen remains untold in the story, but her relationship with Allen is probably the most stable and normal in the story.

When she is introduced in F.S.S., she is mentally breaking down after defeating an AKD mortar headd. Ballanche fatimas dare not damaging any properties that belong to Sopp because he has been their God mother. Yes, god “mother”. Sopp was using his female form during the period where he hung out with young Dr. Ballanche.

Sopp watched over them. She taught them street knowledge they craved. She picked them their clothes. She went picnic with them. She….

In other words, well, long story short, many Ballanche fatimas had Sopp as their guardian.

When she is faced to fight yet another AKD mortar headd, she breaks down mentally and desperately apologizes to Sopp. This is where Allen himself becomes an AKD knight without realizing so.

Overall, it was a beautiful story arc within F.S.S.

When I decided to collect garage kits for F.S.S., I wanted three things. Allen, Kyo, and their mortar headd, the terror mirage. Those three are absolutely essential. I do not want to collect stuff from F.S.S. mindlessly. And, with Kyo here, I am almost there. I acquired Allen first because any male figures are much rarer. I was fairly confident that I could find a kit for Kyo even if I miss out the one I had my eyes on. But I couldn’t say the same for Allen figure.

The terror mirage is easy to get since it is being manufactured by Volks.

The kit

This kit is by Toys Press and Kaiyodo. This was released in 1994 for 4,800yen. I acquired this at 21,000yen (210CAD). She went for about the same price as Allen.

Released in 1994, this kit is also the same age of Allen’s kit I’ve worked with. But this kit is superior.

First of all, there was absolutely no oil leakage. This is a 28 year-old garage kit and it looked and felt pristine. Hard to believe there. Additionally, unlike Allen kit, the parts were properly separated except for her feet which I can forgive since it’s easy to mask the boots.

The holes are there to securely position parts which makes the job overall easier. It’s kind of sad that not the same amount of attention and care went to Allen’s kit.

The kit also offers two hairstyle for Kyo. Both can be seen from the manga.

It looks like she ties her hair up when cleaning herself. I am going to go with her normal, untied hair, style because that’s her usual hair style.

This kit, from get go, felt easier to work with.

For legs, I used a black primer spray paint. For her boots, I used a white spray and then used an off-white acrylic paint with a brush.

Her skirt is a bit more complicated. I started with an orange spray paint. Then used a yellow acrylic paint via an airbrush for shading. Then I used a red marker pen to draw the red lines. Then used an acrylic red paint for the symbols.

Her torso was similar.
I started with an acrylic white primer paint. Then brushed orange on select parts. Then airbrushed yellow on the orange parts for shading. Then had to use white paint via a brush to conceal the yellow that went offside. I left her side yellow as is as a part of her wardrobe design.

Everything clicked as I worked on this. Nothing really went wrong in spite of a rather complex process. I did make some minor mistakes but was able to correct them with ease.

And just like that, the figure is complete.

I finished this figure in a record time as well. It took me just shy of 5 hours. Normally, it takes at least twice, usually more.

Now, I’ve made a few decisions against the norm. One, I am not attaching her katana because I’ve never seen her with any sort of a weapon. She simply does not carry a weapon.
I’ve also opted to paint her head crystal orange. In manga, her head crystal is dark gray which would have made the overall picture a bit too dark, so I opted for her theme color, orange.

So, overall, I had fun with this kit. When everything works out as they should, it’s fun. When things go wrong and keep going wrong, that’s when you know you’ve failed a kit. Finally, as for its base, I will eventually paint it in black and then orange in middle.

See you next Sunday.

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