[Metal box] [Recast] Deedlit

Deedlit is one of main characters from Record of Lodoss War. The series is an oldie. It is from early 1990s. Despite this, Deedlit has had a steady popularity because she is a quite unique character.

First of all, Deedlit is a D&D (Dungeon & Dragons) character. Yes, she was born from a tabletop game originally. Record of Lodoss war as whole was just a tabletop game which was translated into an animated series as well as manga. This is virtually identical to what Critical Role are doing.

Secondly, Deedlit is an elf, an authentic elf from Dungeons and Dragons. This simple fact has a unique charm on its own.

Finally, she has a fairly unique design. Now, you need to look at official material, not fan arts. In 2021, it has become somewhat hard to find the official material due to insane amount of fan arts.

I bought a recast version because I don’t think I ever saw this kit for sale. This is from Winter festival 2020, I believe. I would have gotten an authentic kit if I could. I don’t know how much an authentic kit would cost, though, since it has yet to show up on any auction.

The resin quality is really good. It’s on par with Volks which is the highest praise I can give out.

Really, no complaints at all about resin quality itself. Now, whether everything fits together is another story.

I feel I outdid myself with the shading on her dress and I say it was a total accident rather than a carefully planned outcome.

Because the upper body comes as a single piece, I am forced to use brush to paint blue and then carefully paint over the golden lines. Steady hands are required.

Other than the upper body, other pieces are relatively easy.

I had a huge issue with trying to attach her cloak. It just would not fit. One side fits, but the other side would not.

I really wanted to make it work. However, the more I tried, the more damage I caused. In the end, I gave up on trying to install her cloak. I believe I could have made it work if the parts were not painted.

In other words, if I tried to piece everything together before painting the parts, I may have made it work by grinding down some parts of the cloak and such. But, when things were all painted up, there were just too much risks.

In the end, it could have turned out better. It could have definitely been better. If I had attempted to piece together before painting, I would have made the cloak work. I actually usually do that when working on garage kits.

For some odd reasons, I didn’t do that on this kit. I guess it was meant to end up like this. Oh well.
I can actually purchase another since this is a recast but I generally don’t work on the same kit twice. So, this is it. If I am work on Deedlit, it will be another kit from another circle, not the same kit.

Until next time.

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