[Volks] CharaGumin Senshi

Senshi is one of the four main characters in Delicious in dungeon (Dungeon meshi).

He is the last piece of the puzzle for this project. If you haven’t already, check out my Laios, Marcille, and Chilchuck kits.

Senshi is a dwarf cook. He lives in a dungeon Laios happened to venture into. The best way to describe him is that he is a weirdo. He thinks about cooking only. Everything he sees, he imagines how it should be sliced up and be cooked. He doesn’t really care about anything else.

He is deadly serious about what he does. His cooking knife is foraged from mithril. His cooking pot is recycled from an adamantine shield. Basically, the dude’s cooking pot can withstand dragon’s fire breath and his cooking knife can slice pretty much anything.

Oh, and he is afraid of large bodies of water.

Now, Senshi kit is a bit more complicated than others because unlike previous kits, I do need to airbrush some parts. Overall though, it should have the same procedure.

It looks like Senshi kit has the most number of parts as well. But, once you get going, it’s pretty easy.

Unlike other kits where I place eye decal as the last step, I’ve placed Senshi’s eye decal first due to how his face pieces are made up. I’ve also varnished his face piece already in order to set the decals because the last thing I want is his eye decals falling off while working on it.

His beard is weathered the same way I weather cloth texture. I don’t thin paint. Just apply a tiny amount of white paint on a brush and brush it on a surface first to thin out the paint and then apply it on the beard.

I’ve airbrushed his chest piece and the fluffy part of his leather skirt gray.

His plate armor pieces are painted by Mr. Color 213 which I used on Laios as well. 213 is also applied on his mithril knife. 218 (shiny metal) is applied on the sharp side of his knife.

The shroom monster is airbrushed white first loosely not to completely kill its light yellowish base color although the hat portion is completely airbrushed in white. Once dried, the tip of the hat is airbrushed in purple.

Now that everyone is here. It is finally time to work on the diorama set itself. But that is for another entry.

Until next time.

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