[Volks] CharaGumin Mariclle

Mariclle is a main character in Delicious in Dungeon. She is a mage. This is a continuation from Volks Laios Thorden kit I’ve done previously.

Personally, I like her in the manga simply because she is down to Earth, and her attire is that of a proper mage. She displays virtually no skin and, as an elf, she is more pragmatic than others. Though I don’t get why she wears a pair of sandals. She should be wearing leather boots.

Basically, she is the opposite of how a female mage is like generally in anime (Ex: Megumin).

Again, this is a CharaGumin kit, meaning parts come colored, eliminating the need for base coating which saves a ton of time. That is, of course, true as long as you aim to follow default color scheme.

I am going with the default color scheme. No need to alter it really.

As you can see, this kit comes with two faces along with two different face decals. I am not going with the whining face. FYI, she does whine a lot but it’s not unreasonable complaints. Not wanting to eat food made of monster parts is understandable but she does eat them because she has to.

As a CharaGumin kits are aimed at beginners, the manual provides a lot of info in detail. I generally never read those though. It’s my way or the high way.

The first order of the business is prepare the parts. No sanding is required on this kit. You do need to be a little careful with trimming mold injection points or you could end up clipping some parts.

I did end up clipping a bit of her belt on back which was an easy repair with a bit of paste.

The way I do weathering on this kit is simple. I thin paints. Like 1 tiny drop of a paint + 5 drops of paint thinner (or water). Then I simply brush it over.

Now, for cloth weathering, I do the opposite. I do not thin at all. Instead. I do a drop of a white or off-white paint and spread it with a brush so that all I end up with is a tiny bit of semi-dry paint on it. Then I simply brush it over. Doing this will apply tiny bits of white paint on cloth wrinkles and occasionally tiny white lines on surface, creating an acceptable impression of worn out cloth from a distance.

Don’t fear at all about messing it up because you can simply erase them with your finger. This is the major advantage of having color parts because the base color is not going to be disturbed no matter how much you mess up.

I also changed her bowl. It is supposed to be white-ish, meaning likely ceramic. In my opinion, you do not bring something that can be broken in your backpack. An iron bowl makes much more sense. So, that is what I’ve done.

Other than that, I followed the default color scheme.

So, Laios and Marcille are here. I am going to need to start working on the diorama itself now.

The next one you will see is Chilchuck. Senshi is the last.

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  1. Hey, where did you pick this figure up? I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to track down a version of this that doesn’t require painting