Heng Long Sherman 1/16 scale RC

Well, finally I have a 1/16 scale Sherman tank for Saunders school. This one has a story behind it.

I was originally going to get this much sooner. I was basically holding out for the best deal possible. If I could find one for around 200 CAD, I would have gotten it.

Then Covid hit. Prices for everything went up. I was, sort of, going to wait until this Covid thing would go away but it hasn’t and I don’t think it will any time soon. So, I simply pulled the trigger.

I got this at 245 CAD off Ebay from a Canadian seller, meaning with tax and all that, it cost me overall 300 CAD.

I would have gotten a model kit if I could. Alas, a 1/16 scale model kit for the Sherman is surprisingly hard to find and brutally expensive. My option was a 900 CAD Tamiya RC kit.

No, thank you. I will stick with this one. I am not interested in the RC part. I just want the tank itself.

Out of the box, you will see the tank fully painted and ready to go. You just need to connect a battery (included) and put 6 AAs into its controller.

But it’s not 100% ready-to-go out of the box.

You are required to install some props onto the bank. It may look a lot but about half of them are optional. Note that you need to use regular glue or super glue. Plastic cement is not going to work here.

There is also an option to paint the tank in your favorite color but I’ve decided to stick with the default paint job.

Because this is a RC tank, it is not exactly an accurate model of a US Sherman tank.

For an example, the antennae base on the top of the turret looks clearly off, and there are screw holes on the side. The antennae base could easily be concealed, but the screw holes on sides should stay since it allows one to dismantle its suspension system.

The figure is a 1/16 scale garage kit from Amie-Grand. I removed her legs to fit and it works pretty good.

Overall, not a bad unit. I had an option to purchase just the shell without RC components for around 100 CAD on Ebay. However, shipping fee was 80 CAD and it was coming from China. When I chose a faster shipping, it shot up to 120 CAD, totaling 220 CAD. With tax added on, I am looking at 250 CAD.

This RC tank cost me 300 (tax / shipping included). It was just 50 CAD difference overall. Thus, I chose the full RC kit.

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