Photography: Rosehip 2

This photograph is entirely based on Rosehip & Assam garage kit by Nightmare creates. The moment I saw the garage kit on Yahoo Auction Japan, the concept of this photo simply popped up in my mind.

Well., perhaps not exactly the same. I had a 1/16 scale crusader tank in my head but such a tank does not exist. In fact, I don’t have any 1/16 scale St. Gloriana tanks to begin with, so I had to go with what I had at that time which was either Tiger 1 or T-34. You can see that I went with Tiger 1.

The scene uses 2x artificial glass patches, a Hobby Boss 1/16 scale Tiger tank, some train cliff prop and rock formation prop I bought off Ebay years ago.

The scene story is like this.

Rosehip drives a Tiger 1 carelessly and almost flips it. She has got some scratches and is out of the tank, taking some fresh air. Assam approaches and scolds her gently, telling her to be more careful. Of course, Rosehip being Rosehip, a chance of her actually listening to such advice is nil.

Rosehip is a really easy character to mess with. Did you know that she has like 8 or 9 siblings? That piece of info is from GuP official comic strip that is being released every week (yes, even now in 2020). Thus, it is canon info.

I do have another photography project involving Rosehip but I will need some more stuff to pull it off. So, that’s going to be a while later.


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