[Takom] Panzer Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A 1/16 scale

To start off, this kit is virtually identical to Panzer I Breda version. The only difference is its turret. Breda version has a Breda anti-air gun which works just fine on light tanks. This Panzer I Ausf A has two machine guns.

Therefore, I am going to skip most of build progress part because it has already been covered in Breda version entry.

Firepower wise, the Breda version is clearly superior. But, in Tankathlon (Light tank battle), the two machine guns are pretty adequate also.
Most light tanks have paper thin armors, and machines could penetrate it with its rate of fire. It wouldn’t necessarily destroy it but that’s not the point in Tankathlon.

If you have no idea what “Tankathlon” means, the term originates from Girls und Panzer Ribbon warrior. It’s a tank match between light tanks. A light tank is determined by its weight. Anything over 2 tons is disallowed.

Having built this tank previously, things go smoothly. No accidents or whatsoever. This has been one of the most, if not the most, stress-free build I’ve done so far.

Additionally, when I was building the Breda version, I was just getting into this hobby. I now have plenty of experience and know-how now.

I do feel I’ve done a much better job here than how I did with the Breda version.

As you can see, both tanks are almost identical, bar some minor props here and there and the main guns. The turret of the Breda version is taller by 100% in order to accommodate a bigger gun.

You can also see how small these light tanks are when being right next to Tiger I. And the gun size, ooof. The Tiger wouldn’t even need to use its main gun. A focused fire from its machine gun is enough to penetrate its armor. Maybe not the frontal armor though.

Well, that’s it for this entry. Until next time.

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