Photography: Let me hug you.

This is a photo using the new tank (or SPG) I’ve built, SU-100. I’ve also found darker play-sand and am using it here. It’s really dry though. I guess it’s been sitting in a storage for years if not a decade. The sand is supposed to be sealed but the seal was literally broken down into elements when I got it.

The scale is nicely unified at 1/16 scale with Heng Long T-34/85 RC, Trumpeter SU-100, and Amie-Grand Katyusha & Clara.

Now, the scene setup is simple. Katyusha imports a new SU-100 to Pravda and has specifically assigned the unit to Clara, who so far, had to be content with a regular T-34.

Katyusha makes the announcement. Clara responds in Russian customarily which Katyusha has no clue in what she is saying. Nonna isn’t present, so no one is there to translate as well although Nonna wouldn’t probably properly translate it, either.

FYI, Clara says, “SU-100? Katyusha, let me hug you.”

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