[I ❤️ kit] US M198 155mm Towed Howitzer 1/16 scale

This is a 155mm howitzer. It’s basically a big gun with wheels. Since this is US origin, it will go to Saunders. It does not strictly belong to Girls und Panzer universe, but Alisa is known to cheat.

This howitzer first appeared in 1970, so yes, technically it cannot appear in Girls und Panzer universe.

Regardless, this kit was purchased for a photo project.

The kit quality appears to be decent, and I think it is a lot bigger than I initially imagined. In my defense, the only knowledge I have regarding these kind of cannon is from World war era anti-tank guns where are pretty small compared to this mammoth.

Well, obviously since world war era anti-tank guns were mostly 75mm guns that were mobilized by soldiers. This gun is 155mm, more than twice in size.

Assembling this kit is fairly straightforward and simple.
For someone like me who has mostly done tanks so far, not having to deal with tank tracks makes it just far simpler in my eyes.

It’s huge… I didn’t expect it to be this large. At the same time, the gun can fold down which reduces its overall footprint to about a size of a Tiger. This 155mm gun, or howitzer, can pretty much wreck any tanks in one shot. It wouldn’t have to be an accurate hit, either.

The large two legs can articulate. The gun itself can also rotate and move up and down.

Below is when the gun is in the moving or towing position. This dramatically cuts down on footprint.

While the manual indicates that I should not glue the wheels down, I have done so because they were not able to support the gun’s weight without being glued down.

Now, in firing position, the wheels are to be taken off which is why the manual says not to glue them. For my purposes, this is enough however.

I am not attached Saunders emblem onto the gun because, supposedly, Alisa has smuggled this in. You wouldn’t advertise something like this as yours when you are using it against rules.

Anyhow, this is it for this kit. The follow up entry, Photograph: Partners in crime, will shed more light on the matter of this gun.

Until next time.

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