Konnected UPS Backup Battery

A small lithium-ion battery UPS.

Konnected is a known company. But they aren’t known for UPS batteries but known for their alarm panels. This product is specially for their own products although it can be used for something else. After all, it’s a “mini DC UPS”.

It promises 7800 mAh DC power and provides USB 5v and DC 12v output options. My main concern here is whether they lied about its battery capacity. Mis-advertisement of battery capacity is very, very, common among lithium-ion battery UPS. In fact, you can safely assume that they are lying about battery capacity if the product is from China, which this isn’t.

I did not expect Konnected to lie about the battery capacity because they seem to be a respected company, and they didn’t lie. I saw three 2,600 mAh batteries inside. This is pretty much all that matters for this unit. You are getting what you pay for. I purchased this for 59 CAD on Amazon. Something like this should be able to power an internet model for a few hours. While they advertise 8+ hours, I doubt you are going to get that much with just 7,800 mAh at 3.6v. 3 or 4 hours is the maximum you are going to get with something like a modem.

So, there you have it. Konnected UPS Backup Battery has indeed 7,800 mAh as advertised.

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