MODELKASTEN Resin Cast Kit Mika

1/35 scale Mika.

There are several 1/35 scale Mika resin kits out there. But this is the one I like the most.

Now, if you’ve been visiting this site for a long time, you may know that I hate working with 1/35 scale stuff. Yes, I generally avoid working with 1/35 scale figures and tanks. However, my recent interest in Meng toon tank kits means that I need some 1/35 scale figures.

There isn’t much to talk about this kit. I mean, it’s a really simple one. Thus, I’ve recorded the painting, the whole.

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  1. Do you have a source or two that you’d recommend for Girls Und Panzer new model/toy releases? With Das Finale Part 4 coming in October I’m assuming they’ll be items released for that but being new to the anime/manga worlds and not speaking Japanese I’m sort of at a loss for where to start. Thanks.

    1. Most trustable sources are

      1. Amazon Japan. This site has an English option.

      2. Surugaya Japan ( ) – This site deals with second hand goods and often carries hard-to-find kits.

      3. Finally, there is Yahoo Japan auction site. Can’t read Japanese? No problem. Use Buyee. You will need to input Japanese words to find what you are looking for though, which should be easy. Just find what you want on wikipedia and use Japanese language option to copy / paste words you need.