Blade Runner 2049

Tears in snow.

Blade Runner 2049 was released in 2017 and is the sequel to the original Blade runner from 1982.

This movie hasn’t been exactly well received in the box office, but then the original movie didn’t do well at the box office, either. It just means the blade runner series isn’t for everyone.
BR 2049 follows the exact same formula as BR 2019. They are virtually the same movie bar the time difference.

The plot

The story begins 30 years after Blade runner set in 2019, so that’s where 2049 comes from. K is a bladerunner who is a replicant. He knows he is a replicant and actually is content with his nature. He follows orders without any discontent and does his job silently without any complaints.

After all, that is what he is created for. He is a replicant. What is a replicant and what is a blade runner?

A replicant is an engineered human being purposely created for labor and specific tasks. Replicants generally know that they are replicants whose lifespan is only 4 years before cells shut down. They also cannot reproduce. Basically, they have no way of leaving legacy. Thus, generally they do what they are asked of and get on with it until a day they simply shut down.

A blade runner is someone who chases down runaway replicants and terminate them. Killing replicants is not a crime in this world.

As the movie begins, we see that he is investigating a case, an old case. From the case, a crate buried under a tree is eventually found which contains skeleton bones of a female, Rachael.

Yes, Rachael. If you’ve watched the original Blade runner, you’d know who that is. Rachael was a replicant who fled the society with Rick Deckard 30 years ago. What bewilders the authority is that her cause of death is determined to be a complication from child birth.

A replicant is incapable of reproduction. Yet here we are, remains of a replicant who died from child birth.

The authority wants to locate the child and keep the case top secret. That is because, if words get out that replicants are capable of reproduction somehow, they will revolt. The world ruled by humans will collapse, and rebellious replicants will take over.

K is tasked to lead the investigation. That is how Blade runner 2049 begins.


This movie feels eerily similar to Blade runner 2019. The narration, music, and atmosphere, it’s identical to the original movie. It’s not bad. In fact, I like it really. It brings the wonderful smell of nostalgia.

The running time is 3 hours which some may consider long but it is a factor I like the most about this movie. I do not generally watch movies because they are too short. In my book, two hours of runtime is just too short. 3 ~ 4 is my comfort zone in one sitting.

Due to 3 hours of runtime, the movie doesn’t feel rushed at all. Its pace is slow, probably too slow for some but a factor I like. It is just like the original movie. It’s dystopian; dark, gloomy, barren, etc.

I get a feeling that the fans of original Blade runner will like it, and those who expected something flashier will be disappointed.

I, for one, loved the movie. It felt like a modernized version of original Blade runner.

Tears in snow

Yes, tears in snow.

Those who’ve watched Blade runner 2019 would remember “tears in rain”, Roy Batty’s monologue. It is THE monologue of the century for me. Any Blade runner fans will agree with me on that front.

From this movie, we now have “tears in snow”.

There is no monologue this time but … It is not as good as Roy Batty’s monologue but …

But …

This is a PROPER Blade runner series. BR: Black Lotus is a disgrace compared to this.

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