Kouhai-chan from Tawawa on Monday by GSC

This is Kouhai-chan from Tawawa on Monday by Good Smile Company. The scale of this figure is unspecified, but I think it is a 1/7 figure.

For the record, I have absolutely no idea what the anime is about. In fact, I don’t even know who this woman is. But the reason I’ve ordered is that this is, so far, the only figure with an ordinary drinking theme. A drinking woman figurine is very rare if you dig around. There are some but I liked none of them due to them being either lewd figures or its setting not making much sense to me.

The figure comes with a fair amount of props: a sofa, a table, a wine bottle, a glass cup, her shoes as well as tiny red transparent props to go into the glass (wine).

What this means is that you are free to change the scene as you see fit. The box also comes with a drunk upper body to replace. It’s painless to replace her upper body. Her upper body is not tightly secured but it’s not too loose, either. The friction is just right to secure the body firmly enough.

If you are wondering, it’s very hard, almost impossible, to see her undies. It’s there but her pose prevents it from being seen.

It is probably worth a while to mention that her shocking has a very different texture to it. It feels almost like velvet which is a nice touch since it’s very easy to overlook texture.

Overall, this is a nice standalone figure to display just about anywhere. It is nice to look at and it is also not too lewd to hide it from public eyes. You could display this figure along side a wine bottle as well.
The price of this figure, at the time of release which was when I purchased it as it was a pre-order, is relatively cheap as well. It cost me 130 CAD in 2019 where average figure price has been 200 CAD.
Quality wise, I have nothing to complain. There is no clear visual fault on the painting. Shading is done well. Textures are different on parts. Props are well done.

A sad part is that it may be too hard to find a genuine figure in 2020 and onward, and I see tons of Chinese counterfeits on the market.

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  1. i’m figure collector from south korea!!! i was searching information about this figure to buy one. But you were the only person who uploaded video on youtube. It was very helpful and i decided to buy this. Thanks for the detailed review!