Gintama Sakata Gintoki & Ginko

These are figures for Sakata Gintoki and Sakata Ginko from Gintama. These two are the same characters.

In Gintama dekobokko arc, there was a gender change scenario. While the arc only lasted three episodes, it warranted a 1/8 scale form of Ginko.
Both are from Megahouse. Gintiko figure cost me around 80 CAD some years back. Ginko, though, cost me 180 CAD several years ago.

Female figures tend to always cost more. It is probably due to higher demand. Anime/Game figure collectors are mostly males, and males being males tend to favor female figurines more.

This is also the reason why swimsuit figures carry even higher price tags despite having far less to work with.

I am going to start with Gintoki first.

There aren’t too many things to talk about Gintoki figure itself. Now, if it comes to Gintoki himself, there are aplenty to talk about though.

His wardrobe is something of new & old mixed together. He dons a loose white yukata while wearing black shirt and pants with red linings.

His yukata has a basic pattern of sea or wind, depending on how you look at it. And he wears tall leather boots.

Now, the boots I have an issue with. They are rather … big. I personally find his boots too big for the figure. I feel they should be 1/4 smaller.

Other than that, the overall figure quality is good. There isn’t anything too wrong with the figure and there isn’t anything too excellent about it, either.

Well, let’s move onto Ginko.

Sataka Ginko from dekobokko arc embraces femininity pretty much instantly and becomes quite adorable while retaining some of Gintoki’s qualities such as being extremely carefree. Perhaps, that’s what allows Gintoki to embrace femininity as good as Ginko does.

In dekobokko arc, some characters have clearly a hard time accepting the new reality, but I don’t think Ginko ever did. In fact, she enjoyed it. Like looking at herself in bathroom and coming out with nose bleed, saying that it had been a while since she had seen a woman’s parts.

Her wardrobe remains pretty identical to the male counterpart.

The yukata is still there but the pants and sleeves are gone, allowing for far more skin exposure. The obi (sash) has been enlarged and wrapped around her waist to emphasis the feminine waist line as well as the boobs.

Overall, not a bad looking figure at all.

Generally, a figure with a highly dynamic pose like this will have issues with figure balance. Not this one though. The figure is securely very firmly via a thick metal rod. The figure doesn’t even dangle at all.

Trust me, not every figure use metal rods to secure its figure. In fact, it’s rarer to see such a method like above.

The figure overall is good. There is a clearly visible seam on her yukata that could have been dealt better but it’s a minor fault.

Now, well…, the figure’s pose is literally calling for this shot. I mean, the pants are gone, and that can only mean one thing.

Yep, a panty shot. A bright pink one.

If you are wondering whether you can take off the yukata, dream on. While I believe it is possible, doing so will destroy the figure.

I forgot to mention but the box comes with a chibi figure of a female version of Hijikata who is, to be polite, really chubby. The extra fat she has gained has generally been blamed on the massive amount of mayonnaise male Hijikata has consumed.

The tiny chibi figure has been working as a door keeper to a display cabinet that’s ben dedicated to Gintama.

So, this is it for Gintoki and Ginko.

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